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  1. Laboratories.

Department of Pharmacology & APHE
The pharmacology department lays strong emphasis on research while imparting education in pharmacology, toxicology & other related subjects. A primary objective of Pharmacology is to investigate the fundamental aspects of molecular bio-regulatory mechanism of the cell and understand how drugs act in order to develop new drugs for treatment of diseases. Toxicology examines toxicity and adverse effects of developed drugs, mechanisms of Chemical agents and how they produce mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, teratogenicity and neurological disorders.
The department has two separate laboratories:-
Pharmacology lab I: - It is established to understand the Human Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of diseased state with the help of charts, models including human skeleton and various types of apparatus.

Pharmacology lab II: - It consists of equipment to investigate the activity of various drug samples, such as Digital Balance, Rota Rod, Electro-convulsiometer, Plethysmograph, Analgesiometer, Histamine chamber and Actophotometer.

Department of Pharmacognosy

“Pharmacognosy is the science that deals with medicine derived from natural sources” Pharmacognosy is a specific discipline that deals with the rapid developments in the knowledge and utilization of medicinal substances of biological origin (plant, microorganism and animal products) used for human and veterinary purposes. This subject provides information about the principles and procedures used in the identification, authentication, extraction and isolation of active constituents by chromatography techniques, purification, and development of herbal formulations and assay methods for the isolated constituents. Focus is also put on pharmacopoeial regulations, ICH, EU guidelines and principles of good manufacturing practices. The Pharmacognosy lab is equipped with Projection microscope, Soxhelt apparatus, Clevenger’s apparatus, Stage micro-meter and oculometers, Hot air oven, together with many crude drugs, charts, and models.


Department of Pharmaceutical chemistry

The department of pharmaceutical chemistry is one of the central important branches of the institute. It is equipped with state of the art facilities to undertake academics in Bachelor of Pharmacy course. In the frontier area of phytochemical research, the focus will be laid on isolation, characterization and evaluation of biological activities both by in-vitro and in-vivo models. Analysis of drugs and pharmaceutical chemicals forms the backbone of research and development in pharmaceutical industry. The department focuses on training the graduate students on how to use the modern and newer instrumental analytical techniques such as HPLC, UV-Visible Spectroscopy, Flourimetry and Flame photometry. Special emphasis is laid on the implementation of good laboratory practices and analytical skills. The department is actively involved in developing new analytical methods and their validation, characterization and quantitative estimation of possible impurities in various dosage forms.
The department has a Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab I (Inorganic / Organic Chemistry Lab), Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab II (Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab), Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab III (Medicinal Chemistry Lab) and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab IV (Central Instrumentation Facility).

Department of Pharmaceutics

Pharmaceutics is concerned with the strategies by which biologically active compounds are presented to the body so as to elicit an optimal response. It includes the design; preparation and testing of drug delivery systems. The department has a Machine Room, Pharmaceutics Laboratory I (GP/ DP Labs), Pharmaceutics Laboratory II (Unit Operation Lab), Pharmaceutics Laboratory III (Micro biology Lab).

The machine room is well equipped with latest machines generally encountered in Pharmaceutical Industry like Coating Pan, Hand Operated Single Punch Machine, Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus, Disintegration Test Apparatus, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Deep Freezer, Mechanical and Sieve Shaker, Filter Press, Venturimeter and Orifice Meter, Friability Test Apparatus, Granules Drier, Capsule Filling Machine and Mechanical Stirrer.

Library: - The College library has a rich collection of printed as well as electronic resources which include: - Books including for particular topics or subjects as well as Reference books like dictionaries, encyclopedias, yearbooks, etc.
• National and International Journals & Magazines.
• Database and Audiovisual material.

Computer Facilities: - Keeping in view the increased emphasis on technology, the Innovative College has developed computer lab with broad - band connection. The lab is equipped with sufficient number of computers with the latest configuration and software’s. In addition, we also have our own Internet facility through local ISP.

Hostel: – It was established in 2008 to provide a good & safe atmosphere for the students. The hostel is at a distance of 100mts from the college & is well connected by bus & means of transport. The residents have access to medical aid and counseling within the hostel premises besides in house laundry facilities.
A fully equipped kitchen provides wholesome vegetarian food & the hostel has excellent library as well as TV & internet facilities. The hostel of Abhilashi College of Pharmacy is a “Sweet home away from home”

Abhilashi Group of Institutions has fleet of 22 luxurious transport buses that pick and drop students and faculty members from differerent places. The transport facility is spread across various points in Ner Chowk, Mandi, Sunder Nagar

Sports facilities: - A centrally located indoor stadium is being developed to provide facilities for all indoor games, such as table tennis, badminton, carom and chess. The campus has also been facilitated with a widespread outdoor area for cricket, volleyball and football.

Canteen: - The College also possesses a neat and clean canteen in which all types of food is being served.

Museum: - The College possesses a museum exhibiting more than 100 crude drugs, herbarium sheets, botanical specimens & charts of drugs & plants, colored slides of medicinal plants, patent medicines & containers of common usage in medicines.

Training and Placement Cell
The Placement Cell constantly keeps in touch with the Industry to ascertain the technology advancement and Plans well in advance for bridging any gap in addition to what students learn in their curriculum. The success of the Placement Cell is evident from our alumni occupying positions at the best opted for companies in the country. The students are provided the platform for developing interpersonal, technical, and business skills, so that they
Can face the global challenges of today and the future.
Career in Pharmacy
 Production & Manufacturing
 Research & Development
 Quality Control/Quality Assurance
 Marketing
 Hospital Pharmacy
 Forensic Pharmacy
 Clinical trials
 Community Pharmacy
 Academic & Research
 Regulatory affairs/IPR
Opportunity Abroad

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